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I'mKimmy Garcia, CMA

Certified Medical Assistant

My online pseudonym is Kimiko Gensai and the web is my workplace. I am a full-time Medical Assistant, part-time degree-seeking student, creative webpreneur, freelance ninja, and Siberian Husky mom.


Healthcare (Medical Assisting) Experience


Updating patient charts one accurate data at a time and assisting physicians who rock.



A digital native mining gold in the cloud and putting bitcoins in the bank wallets. ^_^

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Cashier. Merchandiser. Scan Coordinator.

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Keeping neurons alive and activated, several dendrites at a time.



Helping small businesses establish online presence and reach more audiences.


Digital native gamer and plays Dota / LoL for the funsies.


Patients are first, everything follows. Triaging healthcare to achieve better holistic care and happier and healthier patients.


Web designer and developer; Writing code and beta testing softwares for awesome user experiences.


Self-taught Siberian Husky mommy relaying experiences through the world wide web.


Mining gold in the cloud and sharing the knowledge and experience to others who believe in the hustle.











Over at gynecology, my role as a medical assistant gets somewhat exciting. Why? You might ask. Because I get to assist gynecologists during procedures from basic pelvic exams to LEEP procedures. So, besides doing the routine rooming process, there are other tasks that I get to do too.

Over at our clinic, we see new patients, return, patients, and procedural patients. The services we offer are wellness exams, birth control procedures such as IUD insertions/removal/replacement or Nexplanon insertions/removal/replacement, termination of pregnancies, ultrasounds, colposcopies, LEEPs, hysteroscopies, etc.

General Internal Medicine

What I do at internal medicine is basically rooming patients for providers. I get patient vital signs such as height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and temperature. I also review their medical history, surgical history, social history, and their sexual history.

On a typical rooming procedure, what happens is that I call out the patient's name from the lobby and usher them back to their room to take their vital signs and history. I typically ask what the reason of their visit is (and sometimes they change). After which, I let the provider know that their patient is ready to be seen by them.

In the clinic where I work at, we see new patients, return patients, and procedural patients (e.g. those getting an intrauterine device or IUD, or a colposcopy). I also administer medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. I also give vaccines to patients such as the flu shot, hepatitis A and B shots, TB tests, HPV vaccines, and the likes. Moreover, I also do EKGs and PFTs, as well as bladder scans, ear lavages, and orthostatic vital signs.

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Obstetrics & Gynecology

Being an Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Assistant is easier than the other healthcare departments for me; At least it is, over where I currently work at. The only tedious job is during those New Patient - Establish Pregnancy Care visits. How does it go?

Every new patient visit, if they are already established with our clinic, my role is to simply review their records and ensure its accuracy and correctness up until that current visit. As a medical assistant, I make sure the patient's height, weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and temperature are recorded. Typically, I ask the purpose of the patient's visit. Even though I already know what they are there for, it is always a must to review and clarify before proceeding with the appointment. Sometimes, circumstances change and you will be surprised at the sudden change of purpose for appointments. 

As a new pregnant patient, questions that are also asked are pain, first day of last period, and any travels to Zika areas for the mother and father of the baby. Sometimes, if relatives are coming over to stay with the pregnant woman or patient, we also ask if they have come from or will be coming from a Zika area. 

After medical history has been reviewed and recorded, I ask the patient to leave a clean catch urine for C & S Testing and urinalysis. This tests for pathogenic bacteria in the urine to make sure that there are no problems that could potentially affect the mother and baby in their pregnancy journey. 

After the doctor has seen the patient, I schedule the patient for their next visit (which is usually in 4 weeks until their 28th week of gestation). This will also include an NT Ultrasound scheduling. The Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound screens for anomalies in the pregnancy such as Trisomy 21. This ultrasound is done between 11 - 14 weeks of pregnancy. 

As soon as the provider puts in the urine orders, I process these to be sent to the lab for testing. 

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Very hardworking. All the nurses just love her.

Joseph, RN Manager

UW Medical Center

She did a great job with my requests.

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Delivers on time, all the time.

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